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When A Blind Dog Realizes She’ll Be Heading To The Dog Park, She Reacts In The Cutest Way

Kida is a blind dog that got famous on the internet after Allison Miller shared a video on TikTok. Kida’s emotional reaction to the revelation that they are heading to his favorite park is captured in the film, which went viral to everyone’s astonishment.

People were apparently affected by the way he pops his head out the window before entering the park, as well as his emotion displayed in varied tail movements. Despite the fact that it is a reaction that any dog would have, everyone is pleased since she knows when they go to their favorite park despite being blind.


Kida had always been recognized as a lively and clever dog, but she tragically lost both of her eyes after contracting an unusual autoimmune condition.

Despite his illness, he remains quite active; he barks at everything, plays like any other dog, and most importantly, he enjoys going to the park.


Allison explained to Bored Panda:

“We have to stay outside the dog park for her protection because of how other dogs respond to her at times, but she has four closest pals who come to play on a daily basis.” She’s remembered the park’s layout and can run and play with them like any other sighted dog.


Allison’s life revolves on Kida right now, knowing that she need extra care and attention. Allison normally snaps photographs and videos of her dog doing something fun, but she decided to record herself when she went to the park one day.


In this way, he came up with the idea for the video, but he never imagined that his touching reply would win the hearts of so many people.

Kida’s fame developed so quickly that Allison decided to make an Instagram account for her so that fans could see daily images of her. But, without a question, the lovely video has captured everyone’s attention, because the way he pops his head out the car window and his joy are unrivaled.

Allison continued:

“As soon as we turn around to enter the park, she recognizes us and jumps up, wagging her tail.”

Allison is overjoyed to get so much affection for her puppy, despite the fact that she thinks it’s ridiculous that millions of people viewed the video. He’s also pleased to be able to demonstrate to everyone that impaired pets may nonetheless live a fulfilling life.


Allison had this to say:

“It’s also been fantastic when individuals with blind pets or who are going through the enucleation procedure come up to me with questions that I can try to address.”

Kida visits the park two or more times every week, and she always has the same attitude when it comes to this pastime. “Dog park?” they ask before departing. Kida quickly raises his ears and sprints to the door, ready to exit.


She sits calmly in the car, but as she approaches the park, her tiny nose goes wild, and she wags her tail as she looks out the window.

Allison stated:

Kida is one of my favorite topics to discuss! I’m definitely hoping to spread the word that blindness in canines isn’t the end of the world! They can continue to have fantastic lives!”

Kida is a happy and fun person, but going to the park gives her a different sort of pleasure that heightens her senses and allows her to appreciate her life.