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This Dog Hasn’t Been Adopted In A Year Just Because He Looks Different

Wally’s rough background was evident when he initially arrived at the shelter. He arrived as a stray dog of around ten years old, and it was obvious that he had spent the most of his life outside.

Wally’s one and only desire throughout everything that had transpired was for someone to love him. His new shelter mates provided him all the love and care he required right immediately.

The dog was visually impaired in one eye and had a number of other health issues, including a nasty skin infection.

Jessica Abbate

He had a distinctive look, which worried the staff at the Town of Islip Animal Shelter that potential adopters could be turned off, but they hoped they would see the great dog they had immediately fallen in love with.

Jessica Abbate

Veterinary technician Danielle Gorle from the shelter stated to The Dodo:

He enjoys drooling and will go to great lengths to obtain food. Additionally, he enjoys relaxing and hanging out.

Jessica Abbate

Wally wants to find the perfect family to share his love with because he has so much to give. Sadly, this adorable puppy has been languishing at the shelter for more than a year.

Wally, an aging dog, just wants a peaceful place to spend his latter years rather than passing away in a shelter, where he is becoming more and more miserable.

Jessica Abbate