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After Losing Their Owner, A Cute Pig And Pit Bull Find A Home Together

Since her neighbor’s tragically untimely death, Jessica Overlock, who resides with her family in Ohio, Arizona (the United States), has been caring for his dogs. Despite not being the most conventional pet pair, Penelope Rose the pig and Ruby Sue the pit bull were able to find a home where they could live together.

Jessica said in a statement to People:

Since their owner, a good friend and neighbor, passed away unexpectedly last week, we have been caring for them. I have always taken care of them while he was abroad, and we are naturally connected to them because we live next door.


Despite being so different from one another, these creatures get along well. Despite not being the traditional pet adopter, Jessica always sought for a place where she could keep them together since they are truly attached.

The lady continued:

“They may not be aware that they are pigs and pit bulls. All they are is sisters.”


Despite their extreme differences, these creatures share a strong affinity. Since they are truly close, Jessica always searched for a home where she could keep them together, even though she was not the conventional pet adopter.

She continued:

“They may not be aware that they are a pit bull and a pig. They are only sisters.”


The woman discovered that many people were eager to give the pig and pit bull pair a home when she posted that she was seeking for one.

As Jessica said:

“I have received a deluge of emails.”


Jessica notes that while Ruby Sue gets along with everyone, the Pit Bull usually does not get along with cats or other dogs, so it was vital to keep this in mind when looking for the proper home. She emphasized that the ideal adoptive home for her would not have dogs or cats as pets, but she made no guarantees regarding other pigs.