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Woman Creates The First Hospice For Animals Where Older Dogs Spend Their Last Days

In a rural area of Scotland, a woman made the decision to build the first animal hospice in the world with the sole purpose of enabling needy and abandoned old animals live out their final years in comfort.

Alexis Fleming has always had the desire to help animals, but with the death of her cherished rescue dog, she was inspired to act. Since the hospice’s doors were opened, it has taken in a lot of aged, unwanted, and terminally sick animals.

Although it was a foolish concept given how ill I had been and how painful losing Maggie had been, the thought had already occurred to me and would continue to bother me until I took action.

Facebook/ The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice

In her most recent book, No Life Too Small, the author explains how she unintentionally met Maggie online. Alexis was perusing various social media sites when she came across a post with a picture of a brindle Bullmastiff that attracted her eye.

Facebook/ The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice

The dog was skinny and appeared to have a miserable existence; in addition, they wanted 100 euros to buy her. The dog could be observed to be quite dejected. Although Alexis was in no condition to care for a dog at the moment, she was captivated by the dog’s story and was unable to turn away.

As Alexis said:

“I had to adjust every aspect of my life, but I had no choice. No debate ever took place.

Facebook/ The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice

Maggie helped Alexis while she faced a chronic illness, and Alexis gave Maggie a secure and content home. They became close and liked each other’s company, so when Maggie passed away from lung cancer, the woman was utterly heartbroken.

Maggie was unwell, but her passing came as a shock, so Alexis decided to start the animal hospice.

Facebook/ The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice

Since then, in memory of her cherished dog, Alexis has founded the first animal hospice in the world, known as the Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice.

The majority of the animals who live there today may live in peace after having to undergo different forms of maltreatment at the hands of their former owners. In addition, a lot of the animals at the hospice were abandoned because they were old or unwell and were thankfully able to live out their lives there.

Facebook/ The Maggie Fleming Animal Hospice