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A Loyal German Shepherd Refused To Leave His Pit Bull Friend Who Was Hit By A Car

A German shepherd would not leave his deceased companion’s side while cars sped past on a congested freeway in Newark, New Jersey. His comrade had been struck by a car. Thankfully, the New Jersey State Police were alerted to the incident and dispatched right away to assist in saving the surviving dog, who never abandoned his pit bull comrade.

The New Jersey State Police provided the following account of the incident on their Facebook page on Thursday:

“Totowa Station personnel reacted to a complaint of two dogs on the Interstate 280 platform in Newark earlier today.”

Facebook/New Jersey State Police

I-280 is a busy road during rush hour, especially in the Newark region, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the area. Therefore, the safety of these creatures troubled the responding cops greatly.

Facebook/New Jersey State Police

When police came, they examined the area and found a German Shepherd and a Pit Bull sleeping close to one other.

“Unfortunately, the troops learned that the Pitbull had passed away. They realized they had to get the shepherd off the road because there was no sign of her owner, but she wouldn’t leave the other dog’s side.

After convincing the pastor that she wouldn’t be hurt, the cops were able to get her to comply. She was then escorted to the police station, where she was given water and maybe even “a little game of fetch.”

Facebook/New Jersey State Police

Officers are looking into how the dogs ended up on the side of the road, but it is yet unknown.

Facebook/New Jersey State Police