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Man Takes His Dog With Cancer To The Mountains For A ‘Last Adventure’ In A Wheelbarrow

Unfortunately, we all eventually have to learn to let go of the things we cherish the most. Carlos Fresco just learned this difficult life lesson with his ten-year-old labradoodle, Monty. Together, the two friends had experienced a lot, especially over the previous 18 months. And as heartbreaking as his subsequent journey was, Carlos remained at his pet dog’s side till the very end.

Carlos just discovered that Monty was towards the end of his days. He made the decision to take his dog on one more excursion since she was nearing the end of her life due to blood cancer.

Image/Carlos Fresco

“Since Monty’s cancer had come back, I knew he was dying. He received chemotherapy after being diagnosed 18 months ago, and he did quite well. Unfortunately, his leukemia returned eight weeks ago and swiftly worsened.

Carlos has a good buddy who lives in Brecon, Wales, but he needed to fly to London to visit a doctor since he was having health issues. When Carlos volunteered to take him, he took advantage of the chance to embark on one more journey with Monty.

Image/Carlos Fresco

Once they arrived in Brecon, they stayed with friends, giving Carlos and Monty the chance to go to the top of Pen y Fan. It was great; plenty of hikers stopped to say hi and meet Monty, and they also assisted him in climbing to the summit using a wheelbarrow that Carlos had modified.

Image/Carlos Fresco

Chuck said:

He enjoyed taking hikes in the hills, so we made do by taking him on excursions around the beautiful lighthouses. Despite his frailty, he took pleasure in the attention and fanfare that so many of his admirers gave him.

Image/Carlos Fresco

The dog was constantly described as being charming, and everyone who approached was affected to hear of his heartwarming story. Monty was extremely glad to view the lovely scenery and to meet other people on his route.

Since so many people recognized Carlos’ generosity, they volunteered to assist him in pushing the wheelbarrow up the mountain.

Charles tacked on

“The residents of the hills were really friendly and saddened by his condition of neglect. In fact, strangers enquired as to whether they may assist in pushing Monty on his final journey.”

Image/Carlos Fresco