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Pup With Tail Growing Out Of His Forehead Is Stealing Everyone’s Hearts In Internet

While most of us are fascinated with anything furry – bunnies, hamsters, cats, and doggos, of course, some of them are “doing us a fascinate” way bigger than others. Sure, everything they do is immensely cute: beg for pets by rolling over and putting their belly up, run around in all crazy manners, explore every corner of the house if it was something new every time they see it or simply wag their tail. But some special little snowflakes have been blessed with two of those tails! Today’s story is about one of them – a little unicorn pup that’s been born with an extra tail on his face. Imagine him trying to chase that!

This cute little furball was found wandering in the cold along with another older dog by Mac’s Mission, an animal rescue in Jackson, Missouri. They instantly noticed it wasn’t just an ordinary puppy as he had an additional tail… Growing out of his forehead!

The extra tail reminded the rescuers of a unicorn’s horn, hence they decided to name the puppy Narwhal. To anyone unaware, narwhals are the real-life unicorns of this world or, to be precise, toothed whales with a large “tusk” pointing out of their heads like a unicorn’s horn.

Ever since Mac’s Mission animal rescue first posted pictures of Narwhal on their Facebook page, they have been overflooded with the question, “Does the puppy’s forehead tail wag?” Even though it would be really cute, his keepers said that the tail is actually idle and they have never seen it wag.

Furthermore, when they took the pup to the vets, they concluded that his extra tail is actually not connected to anything and therefore has no real use to him. Dr. Heuring then jokingly added: “It appears they assembled the puppy wrong. Always follow the directions, people!”

There is no reason to remove Narwhal’s unicorn tail at this time as it doesn’t seem to bother the doggo the tiniest bit. He never slows down and is like any other normal puppy. The unicorn pup will be put up for adoption after he grows a bit more and his keepers can truly make sure the tail doesn’t start to bother him or become a problem.