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The Sweetest Dog Needs A Home After His Family Abandoned Him In The Pandemic

A lady from Orlando, Florida, discovered this helpless puppy named “Lincoln” last week. He was gagged, tied to a tree with a leash, and waiting for someone to offer him the chance to be a part of a new household because the person he most loved had deserted him.

The guy who abandoned the pit bull with the brown and white fur stated in a letter next to him that he had made the decision to move to California because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

She immediately reached out to The Pittie Party of Central Florida to offer her assistance (TPPCF).


The message read:

During this epidemic, I’m moving to California to be with my mother and brother. Lincoln needs to be looked for or placed in a loving home. You have my baby’s trust. I apologize.


Volunteer for TPPCF Mayson Jones hurried Lincoln home, where she made an effort to help him unwind and forget about being abandoned.

Jones stated to The Dodo:

He first appeared to be a little lost and spent some time roaming about the yard, but eventually he settled down and began to play fetch with me.


Sadly, more dogs are being abandoned in Florida, and animal shelters are in need of volunteers and foster homes.


Given the circumstances, several shelters have been forced to euthanize pets who do not find a home right away.