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In Order For The Dog With The Tumor To Spend His Final Days In Love, A Man Adopted It

When a guy in Argentina chose to adopt a dog with a tumor so that he may spend his final days in the company of love, he offered the canine the most wonderful parting present. In the latter weeks of his life, Luciano Karosas, a man from Berazategui, Buenos Aires, decided to keep the dog in his home.

The dog, which he named “Thanos,” had previously been known as “Coconut” and had been turned down by a number of families because of his condition.

Fortunately for Thanos, Luciano showed up and, upon learning of his tragic tale, he instantly decided to take action to alter his final hours on Earth.

After receiving a cancer diagnosis, Thanos’ disease rapidly metastasized to his skull, where it gave rise to a sizable tumor.

The dog formerly belonged to a family, but when they realized how difficult it would be to care for it given the sickness, they made the decision to give it up.

After being adopted by many families, who were unable to care for him due to his illness, he was sent back to the shelter, where he met Luciano.

The 21-year-old only considered a solution when Thanos was introduced to him, his narrative, and the fact that he only had a few days to live.

After being moved, Luciano felt compelled to adopt Thanos, bring him home, and show him a lot of affection in his final days.

Portal Amigo Cao heard Luciano say:

I went out with a bit of my heart.

Without a question, Luciano was eager to make Thanos’ final moments memorable, but he refused to concede that there was nothing he could do to improve the animal’s condition.