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Woman Finds Old Suitcase On Train Tracks, Opens It And Discovers The Most Pawesome Thing Ever

A woman was casually walking her dog in a remote area in England when they spotted an old suitcase left on some abandoned train tracks. To her surprise, the doggie rushed to the piece of luggage and started sniffing it as if to tell there was something inside. That’s when the lady approached the suitcase and heard a faint cry of meows. She carefully unzipped it and saw a mother kitty with 8 baby cats left to die. They were emaciated and malnourished, and the mother feline looking particularly dehydrated.

The woman took them home immediately and called the nearest RSPSCA. When the rescuers arrived, they rushed the mother cat, who was later named Tarini, to the animal clinic and put her in intensive care, while the babies stayed with the RSPCA.

“[Tarini] was kept at the vets as she was so dehydrated and needed a drip, but has since been moved to the cattery to be with her litter and is doing much better,” Amy De-Keyzer of the RSPCA told The Dodo.

She added: “The kittens are still too young to be rehomed and we need to make sure the mum is healthy enough before being rehomed.” Still, their future is bright – all thanks to the doggie who didn’t walk pass the suitcase.