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Dog Visits The Fence Every Day To Get A Massage From The Neighbor Pup

Beaù is just a puppy, but she already understands how to obtain what she wants.

Beaù like both dogs and people, and when she’s not snuggling with her mother, Kayleigh Burrowes, she’s hanging out with her next-door neighbor. Burrowes told The Dodo, “She’s very energetic all the time and loves snuggles.” “She’s great with all the dogs in the neighborhood, but she has a sweet place for Rocco.”


Beaù first met Rocco a year ago, and despite their size differences, they became fast friends. Rocco was mourning Burrowes’ dog Jak, who had died of old age, and the new Staffordshire bull terrier’s lively demeanor made him feel better.

“As soon as she was permitted outdoors, she met him and they instantly bonded,” Burrowes added. “Beaù made it easier for [Rocco] to miss Jak since they were so close.”


But it wasn’t until Burrowes witnessed Rocco giving Beaù a private back rub through the fence that she realized how close the two dogs had grown.

“I was sitting on my sofa one day when I peeked out my patio door and saw Rocco massaging Beaù,” Burrowes explained. “For a split second, I thought I was seeing things, but now they won’t quit.”

Burrowes thought it was humorous and took a video with her phone. She shared the video on her Facebook page, and it quickly went viral.

Beaù enjoys a nice scratch and now gets her regular massage from Rocco at the fence. Rocco, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind; everytime he rubs his pal, he wags his tail cheerfully.

“He could massage Beaù for as long as she wants him to,” Burrowes added. “It’s become an everyday occurrence.”