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This Parrot Is Still Waiting At The Place Where His Best Friend, The Italian Cyclist Michele Scarponi, Passed Away

The Frankje parrot was quite close to Italian rider Michele Scarponi; in fact, he even went to training with him. On April 22, the cyclist was killed when he was struck by a van at a crosswalk when he was exercising. Ever since that day, Frankje has waited for the Italian’s return at the scene of his death.

The terrible news has stunned the sports community, particularly cycling and all of its allies. The Italian rider for the Astana team was joined by Frankje, who was well-versed in Michele’s training regimen, as he headed out to train in Filattrato.

The parrot quickly won Michele’s affection, and she frequently posted pictures and videos of it flying beside her as she rode her bike, as well as when Frankje was perched on her back, her helmet, or her arm.

Last year, Michele provided the following information to the cycling news site Velonews:

The parrot belongs to a neighbor and is not mine; it acts like everyone’s pet since it flies about the neighborhood, visits other homes, and climbs into any windows it can find. And when major football games are shown, even he visits the pubs. Every neighbor is familiar with him.

“We first connected a few years ago. I found it odd that a bird with these traits would be found in that region of Italy. He then began to follow me after that. I was first terrified since I wasn’t sure if he would assault me. But shortly after that, he stood on my shoulders, and we grew close. Since the colors of the Astana kit are similar to his, I’m not sure if his attraction to me is a result of my outfit, but he still believes I’m a member of his family.

Frankje has been waiting every morning since the accident day in the hopes of seeing his closest friend, but he is unaware that Michele will never return.