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Rescued Baby Squirrel Doesn’t Want To Part With The Woman Who Saved His Life

It all started when Patty Robinson was looking out her kitchen window at her house in Boston, Massachusetts, and saw a small squirrel.

The woman observed the small animal from a distance and chose to examine more; when she came, she discovered that it was an exquisite newborn squirrel. She was absolutely alone and seemed really vulnerable.

Patty Robinson

She was so little that her eyes were still closed, suggesting that she had only just been born. The lady began exploring the land for her mother or siblings, but she discovered nothing after 45 minutes of searching.

The squirrel was alone, and Patty realized she needed assistance to live.

Patty Robinson

His intention was to assist the small rodent grow and regain strength before releasing it to continue its life in its native home, but the little squirrel had other ideas. In this regard, the woman said:

“It melted in my palms when I first took it up.” I tucked it into my pocket.

That’s how I got the name. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to call you Bunk,” I responded.

Patty Robinson

Although the woman did not know how to raise a squirrel at the time of the rescue, she did check many blogs on the Internet that were really helpful to her.

Patty explains that she has always been fascinated by assisting the most vulnerable people and animals; her job is to aid and give herself as a foster mother, so when she spotted the tiny abandoned squirrel, her protective instinct kicked in.

“I got engaged to her the day I picked her up on the lawn,” Patty explained.

Patty Robinson

Patty released the squirrel after she had spent several days in her care and was finally ready to move on with her life.

Bunk went, but she returned to the days, a bit terrified and growling, she didn’t want to leave his side.

“I liberated Bunk; he had been missing for five days!” He returned, terrified and snarling. I attempted three more times, but he would not go! Patty stated.

Patty Robinson

Squirrels are unruly, require their own room, and are not the cleanest of pets, but Patty refused to give her up and decided to be her adoptive mother for life.

To make Bunk’s life as comfortable as possible, the woman transformed her home into a squirrel playground. Patty had this to say about it:

“Because Bunks damaged his leg, I made him ramps and installed tubes so he could run about the room securely.”

As an artist, it was a delight to create him a tree home and a sculpture out of various sorts of wood.”

Patty Robinson