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Baby Squirrel Doesn’t Want To Leave After Being Rescued By This Woman

Patty Robinson met her tiny mouse companion when she spotted the animal in her yard while gazing out the window of her Boston, Massachusetts home’s kitchen. Patty went outside to check the squirrel out of pure curiosity, but when she drew closer, she saw that the squirrel was still a young child.

The woman started looking around the property for the mother or siblings of the squirrel because her eyes were still closed.

Patty looked for someone for about 45 minutes without success, so she realized she had to assist the little squirrel.


The intended objective was to nurture the creature till it developed a little, then release it so it could live out its life. However, the squirrel appeared to have other ideas.


Bored Panda was informed by Patty:

“It melted in my hands when I first took it up,” he said.

The woman utilized several websites as a reference because, at the time, she had no idea how to nurture a squirrel.

Patty claims that since her specific role is to assist and be a foster mother, she has always assisted people and animals.


Patty continued:

“I got engaged to him on the day I picked up the squirrel in the grass.”

The woman chose to release the squirrel, whom she named Bunk, after caring for him for several days, when he was finally prepared to move on with his life. Bunk unexpectedly disappeared for five days and then somehow found his way back to Patty’s residence, where he stayed by her side out of fear and resentment.


Patty continued:

I made three more attempts, but it would not go away.

Squirrels often don’t make ideal pets because, among other things, they require their own place, are dirty, costly, and dangerous. Bunk, on the other hand, had no intention of leaving, and Patty wasn’t going to stop caring for him, so she made the decision to take on the role of his adoptive mother indefinitely.


Patty made the decision to transform her home into a squirrel playground in order to make Bunk’s life more enjoyable and comfortable.

Patty stated:

“I made Bunk ramps and put the tubes in so he could safely run around the room because he broke his leg,” the author said.

Bunk considers his room to be his own property, and he forbids anybody from altering it. Even if Patty enters, he closely supervises her to prevent any wrongdoing.