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When This Lovely Baby Elephant Receives His First Bath, He Truly Likes Swimming Around In The Plastic Pool

In a cramped concrete box at an elephant-riding camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Chaba was born. His mother, BunMa, was made to do daily shows for visitors for a very long period. The elephant was made to paint drawings, ride a bicycle, and do circus acts; if the Save Elephant Foundation hadn’t intervened, Chaba may have suffered the same fate.

It was a completely new experience for this baby who was born in captivity, and you could feel the pleasure and delight on his face as he placed his paws in the little plastic tub for the first time.

“Our team visited the camp to explore how we might help after learning about the tragedy of Chaba and her mother, BunMa.

Facebook/ Save Elephant Foundation

Ry reveals:

“We found the mother on a short chain and the kid in a tiny cement enclosure without any enrichment. They both required emergency medical attention due to their bad health, which was instantly apparent.

Facebook/ Save Elephant Foundation

The mother and infant were released in August 2021 as a result of talks led by the founder of the Save Elephant Foundation. Rescuers intended to drive them in a truck to the Elephant Nature Park (ENP), but BunMa resolutely refused to board because she was frightened of losing her child.

Ry recalls:

“We determined that walking to our refuge was safer for them. They walked for two hours before reaching ENP, where they were welcomed with an elephant cake.

The 4-month-old elephant took his first bath after savoring the delectable welcome cake, and everyone was thrilled to see his excitement.

Facebook/ Save Elephant Foundation

The project manager for the Foundation added:

Chaba truly is a water baby! She cherished playing in the water and then sprinting back to her mother to sooth her. She now enjoys playing with her ball in the water as her mother eats beautiful fruits.

Currently, Chaba and her mother are content to travel the sanctuary in search of food and interact with the other elephants, but there is unquestionably no better place for Chaba to be than her favorite plastic pool.

The Save Elephant Foundation posted the following on their Facebook page:

“He enjoys splashing about and playing with water. While she plays and takes a break, Mom goes away. She is becoming more self-assured and is learning a lot.

Facebook/ Save Elephant Foundation