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Dog About To Be Euthanized Uses Her Toys As ‘Pacifiers’ To Soothe Her Broken Heart

Despite being just four years old, Pelusa has endured a great deal of suffering when her family left her at the Animal Care Centers (ACC) in New York City. The worst part of this dog’s story is that she is on death row and that if she does not find a new home soon, it will be the end. She uses her toys as pacifiers to soothe the intense anguish that this predicament has caused her heart.

She enjoyed playing with her two-year-old human brother, going on walks, running in the park, and tagging along with her family inside the house. Pelusa believed that everyone loved her and would stand by her side always.

One of the organization’s volunteers provided the following account of her encounter with Pelusa:

“Pelusa is a small puppy that has captured my heart. She is a little frightened to be away from her lifelong family, but she has found a charming way to deal by using her toys as pacifiers, chats to me from her cage, and is as lovely as can be.”

She enjoys carrying toys around her cage and playing with them outdoors (dropping them directly in my lap when she’s ready for another one; she’s very entertaining; this is how she lets off steam).

Fluff enjoys goodies, is aware of the meanings of “sit,” “paw,” and “down,” and is content to receive a belly rub as a reward. She loves to lay her face in my lap and give me face kisses, and she is quite sweet. She gets along nicely with kids, and strangers, and enjoys playing with other dogs, according to what was given to us. She is a real doll who is looking for someone to treat her like the apple of her eye.

She has had a difficult time adjusting to life in the shelter, and a recent assessment shows that she may experience behavioral issues. Animal lovers are Fluff’s only chance of surviving, therefore she has to find a home as quickly as possible.