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Adorable Pit Bull Is Obsessed With Baby Birds

This Pit Bull has an unusual obsession. She’s quite fond of baby fowl. Her human family raises chickens and turkeys so she’s got a lot of birds to meet and greet. In the video below, the gentle Pittie is let into the pen with baby turkeys. It’s pretty obvious she’s done it before, because within a short time the baby birds are jumping onto her back and perching all over her.

“She can sit and watch them for a couple of hours straight sometimes,” says her human Shay Isreal. “The first thing she does in the morning when she wakes up is she wants to be with them.”

I love how concerned she is for the one stuck in the corner and is wondering why it won’t come out. She even nudges it as the other baby fowl walk all over her back. She’s quite the “mother hen”.