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Dog That Was Afraid Of Being Touched Now Loves Petting Her All The Time

After being abused, a dog that was scared of being handled is learning to appreciate the feeling of a helping hand. After Monica Mitreanu published a video of Kayne at an animal sanctuary in Craiova, Romania, he captivated social media followers all over the world.

The brutality that the innocent endured before being rescued was so severe that the prospect of being caressed made him scream in dread.

Even Monica Mitreanu’s warm, caring touch felt like a danger to the unfortunate canine as she tried to calm him down by patting him. Because of the severity with which animals are handled at shelters in Craiova, it is regarded as “the European capital of canine cruelty.”

We now know that Kayne has been transformed, no longer the timid dog he used to be, and has given people another opportunity thanks to a Facebook post from animal rescuer Kerry Wollacott, who works to help preserve dogs in Romania.

Kayne has now been sent to a foster home in the United Kingdom, where he has found a new family, according to Kerry.

Kerry said on Facebook, ”

“She weighed around 6 kilos when she left Breasta, and today, owing to the attention she got, she weighs 9.5 kilos!” Thank you to the kind contributor who covered the majority of the trip costs.”

The adorable dog appears to be enjoying being caressed in recent photos.