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Frog Is Run Over By A Lawnmower, And The Woman Then Flies Him Hundreds Of Miles For Surgery

A close contact with a lawn mower kills a lot of frogs. Even fewer are transported hundreds of miles for emergency treatment.

Green tree frogs are becoming more scarce in their native Australia, so this was no average frog. And the woman who ran over it in her yard in early April was well aware of the situation.


Min Tims of Mount Isa, Queensland, contacted her niece after realizing she had cut off the top of the frog. The two realized they needed to send the frog to a rescue center hundreds of miles away. As a result, they were linked to a care network that included an airplane, a dog carrier, and a courier service.

The frog will be flown by Rex Airways. Dogtainers aided with the coordination and unique packaging of the animal, and a courier met the plane 500 miles away in Cairns.

Finally, the patient was picked up from there by workers from Frog Safe, an animal hospital.

The frog then found himself in even more unusual circumstances.


The hospital’s first priority was to alleviate the animal’s obvious pain. They then used a variety of alternative therapies as well as a few of veterinary pharmaceuticals to remove the illnesses. The patient showed an underlying issue after a few days: not one, but two internal parasites.”

Both of them were subsequently taken down.

“He’s doing fantastic,” adds Pergolotti. “The incision has healed entirely, however there is a little scar.” His weight has increased… a very fortunate frog indeed.”


But the amazing journey of a single wounded frog across the state raises another question:

Why spend so much money on such a small animal? For someone like Pergolotti, the solution is obvious.