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Dog Is Left With “Shattered Nerves” After Being Abandoned In A Shelter Because His Family Will Have A New Baby

The last place Rocco wanted to be was the shelter. The poor 3 year old German Shepherd was petrified with dread and slumped over in a kennel corner. His sorrowful, profound brown eyes had an emptiness to them. He didn’t know why he was here or where he was going to go after this.

Because they were expecting a newborn, his prior family left him with Dallas Animal Services in Texas, USA.

In an effort to locate a rescue organization that could provide Rocco treatment as quickly as possible, a woman who was visiting the shelter saw how sweet Rocco was as well as how afraid he was. She shared a video of the dog on Facebook.  

Preethi explained to The Dodo why Rocco was cut loose:

“At first, I was taken aback. But I wasn’t shocked when I realized how badly fed he was. Most likely, a combination of the changing dynamics in the family and the fact that they weren’t the finest owners to begin with are to blame.

According to Preethi, Rocco should weigh 85 to 90 pounds, but only weighs approximately 60. She knew the moment she picked him up to bring him home that it would take her days to calm down.

Prithi stated:

The situation at the shelter is undoubtedly inappropriate for a dog like Rocco. He was really bashful and feared getting in the automobile. Even behind the vehicle seat, he hid. He appeared to be quite anxious while briefly walking.

When Rocco got to the foster home, he remained reserved and uneasy. He ate and took a little stroll, but he was still unsure of where he was.

But during the course of his first weekend there, Rocco started to get along thanks to Preethi and his own dog, a German shepherd.

As the days pass, this amiable dog starts playing, gnawing on bones, and being friendlier and friendlier.