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Even Four Years After His Mother’s Death, Puppy Has Not Forgotten Her, He Always Go And Visit Her

Dogs’ love is unconditional, and it is no longer required to demonstrate that they are man’s closest friend and that they always provide reasons to adore them. Stories like the ones below demonstrate the bonds that certain animals have with their families; they are so strong that even death cannot break them.

Benito is a nice little puppy that never forgets his mother and visits her in her grave even when he is four years old. It’s as if time hasn’t gone for Benito; he refuses to believe it, which is why every time he visits his cemetery, he gets quite joyful.


When he comes at his mother Joha’s grave, he rests on top with contagious tranquility and does not rise till it is time to go.

This heartwarming tale went viral after Joha’s sister, Belén, shared a video on her Twitter account.


The young lady from Villaguay, Entre Rios, Argentina, complemented the publishing with a poignant tale that moved all Internet users.

Belén wrote on Twitter:

Look at this unfailing affection. Joha is my sister, who died four years ago, and he is Benito, her pet, who followed her for the final two years of her life and still does ».

The photographs in the film depict various moments shared by Joha and her pet dog during the brief time they were permitted to live together.


There are images of Benito’s arrival at home, toasts, celebrations, naps, and amusing tales, such as the time he was rushed to the hospital in secret.

In an interview with LA NACION, the family stated:

It was a surprise this time. She was in the hospital and was often questioned about her’son.’ We understood how desperately he needed it.

One sequence, in particular, touched and enthralled everyone who was able to see the video on social media. Benito may be seen leaning out of the car window, anxious to go to the cemetery, and then running through the hallowed field when he arrives.


Benito becomes delighted when he arrives at his mother’s grave, barks, and then asks to be carried up so he can be closer to his beloved Joha. Following that, the tiny kid is shown leaning on the coffin, as though in complete acknowledgement of his dearest friend and mother.


The family informed him that he was, in fact, their son, and that in the brief time they had together, they had given each other genuine and unconditional love.

The video quickly accumulated millions of views and thousands of comments.

Bethlehem penned:

“They are the most amazing humans on the planet because they are the only ones that provide unconditional and eternal love.”


Unfortunately, Joha died on April 7, 2016, at the age of 25, as a result of life circumstances. She was an agricultural worker pursuing a biology degree; she was born with cardiac abnormalities, but she led a normal life.

Joha’s father, Isamel, stated:

“Her left ventricle was absent.” They operated on her when she was one year old, then at the age of five, they performed what is known as ‘the corrector.’ From then, he had a regular life, although one fraught with challenges.


Joha had cared for Benito since he was a puppy when she met him in 2014, and they had been inseparable ever since. Joha’s family informed her that Benito was always and would always be at her side, since he never left her side when she needed him.

Every time they tell him they’re going to visit Joha, he leaps, turns, and smiles, as if that’s what he most wants to do.


The family added:

«We sobbed the first time he did what you see in the video. He always requests that we pick him up, and when he arrives, he is extremely calm. Furthermore, he has no desire to go.