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This Adorable Dog Looks Like A Mix Between A Dalmatian And A Golden Retriever

Because everything seems to imply that the lovely dog is the offspring of a Dalmatian and a golden retriever, a Tik Tok video of a puppy that participated in one of the hottest trends on this social network went viral.

The common practice was to allude to what a “mom” and “dad” do, then show the outcomes of their activities for others to see. The dog’s father, Andrew Lewis, decided to join in on the trend because he is frequently questioned if his pet is a mix of two breeds.

It appears that describing his dog Oakley in a video was a hit, since the video has received over 8 million views and millions of likes.

The owner took advantage of the fact that most people believe Oakley is a mix of breeds, but he is actually a charming Dalmatian with long hair. He also stressed that he is not the only Dalmatian with long hair in the family, since his dog Nellie is also a member of the household.

Despite the fact that Andrew’s two dogs are Dalmatians rather than Golden Retriever hybrids, the video is still charming. The physical qualities of Oakley and Nellie, on the other hand, are a perfect blend of the two breeds.

Andrew just posted it as a joke since he was often questioned about Oakley’s race. But he never expected that after witnessing his lovely Oakley, the video would be able to fascinate so many people.


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Oakley was discovered by the guy at the age of four months, due to social media, when his previous owner was seeking to get rid of him.

Andrew explained to Bored Panda:

“I’d always wanted a Dalmatian, and when I saw one with long hair, I knew it was meant to be.”

Everything showed that the puppy’s life was tough at the time, since he was malnourished and scared of everything he saw. Nobody knows what happened to Oakley before he was adopted, but the important thing is that he was able to find a loving family.

Andrew had this to say:

“Oakley is the name I gave it when I found it in East Tennessee. It took him some time to acclimatize and return to normalcy, but he is now the happiest dog I’ve ever encountered.”

Oakley’s energy levels rose as he grew older; he enjoys playing with people, but he really enjoys spending time with other dogs. As a result, his father decided that getting him a mate would be a good idea, and his sister Nellie arrived to the house.

Andrew continued, ”

“They’re best buddies who play together every day.” He enjoys playing tag with Oakley, but he prefers snuggling and napping.”

People are often asking Andrew about his dogs since they are so cute and draw so much attention wherever they go. Their look will always be compared to that of a Dalmatian and a golden retriever, yet they are simply two gorgeous dogs.