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Several Times A Day, An Elderly an Walks His Disabled Dog Every Day 

Sabrina la Grotteria was near her house in Italy when she observed a sight that moved her. When a video went viral on social media, she instantly touched the hearts of thousands of people all over the world.

An old guy was pulling his dog in a cart through a quiet street in Vibo Valentia, the dog obviously unable to move on its own. Sabrina began filming as soon as the couple returned home from a walk.

Despite the fact that the video is brief and recorded from a distance, this picture of their daily routine, as well as the man’s devotion to assisting the dog with his impairment, is filled with love like few others.

YouTube/LaC TV

According to Sabrina, who spoke to The Dodo,

“It impacted me so much that I decided to share it on Facebook.”

The lovely and heartfelt scene went viral. Sabrina’s video of the guy and the dog had racked up hundreds of millions of views in no time, garnering national attention as a “moving gesture.”

YouTube/LaC TV

Sabrina described the video in the following way:

“The term ‘humanity’ appears in this video.”

Despite Sabrina’s lack of familiarity with this couple, local media outlets were able to hunt them down and uncover their tale. Tonino Vitale, who has lost use of his hind limbs owing to arthritis, has been walking his 13-year-old dog Dylan the same manner every day.

Dylan is an elderly Labrador who suffers from severe arthritis. He is unable to use his back legs and has difficulties moving his front legs. He has a weak heart and struggles to breathe. Even barking, which he does to communicate his feelings, is taxing for him. Tonino, on the other hand, takes care of everything.

YouTube/LaC TV

Tonino looks after Dylan on a daily basis. Every day, he takes Dylan out of the home in the morning and afternoon, when the sun is less scorching, and places him in a metal cart to stroll him around the block.

The guy wishes for his friend to spend the remaining period of his life in tranquility. And she wants to be near to him, just as Dylan was at his side during some of his most trying times.

YouTube/LaC TV

He told the publication Il Vibonese:

«From the moment Dylan was born, it was love at first sight. It is a natural reaction for us to adore Dylan, but we are delighted to be able to share his tale with you. It’s a means of educating people about the necessity of treating animals with respect.”

Tonino is seen in the video below in an interview with LaC TV (in Italian).