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Lonely Lost Goose Approaches A Man For Help And What Follows Is Simply Incredible

A forester had an unusual encounter with a lone wild goose while he was traveling on a country road near Edson, Alberta in Canada. The Canada Goose flew over his truck and quickly turned around to follow him. Curious about the goose’s behavior, Andre Bachman stopped and the goose landed right behind his truck. That’s when he pulled out his camera and filmed what happened next.

Bachman asks the goose what he is doing all by himself in the middle of nowhere. “Are you lost? What are you doing here?” he asks and the goose chirps back to him. Bachman then decides to lead the friendly goose to a nearby lake and starts driving to Shining Bank Lake, about 6 miles (10 km) away. The goose actually follows behind and keeps up with him while he is driving. It’s incredible to see!

Once Bachman arrives at the lake, he watches his new feathered friend take a dip and then left the goose behind.

Given how comfortable the goose was around him, Bachman told news channels that he believes the bird may have been raised by humans.


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