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Dog Decides To Turn In His Criminal Housemates And Leads The Police To The Test

A pinscher puppy assisted authorities in finding the cocaine that was stashed during a police operation carried out by the Brazilian federal police. The incident occurred as federal police officers were examining a home belonging to a trafficker who was the operation’s target, according to federal authorities.

Globo News, a Brazilian news organization, stated:

“On Thursday (20), the Federal Police initiated an operation against a criminal group involved in interstate drug trafficking in the Vale do Araguaia region.”


Everything points to a criminal organization operating primarily in Mato Grosso having strong evidence hidden throughout the house. What they didn’t expect was for the home’s own dog to be in charge of disclosing what the police officers didn’t know about at the time.


When the cops came at the residence to seek for evidence, the tiny dog began digging in a specific area of the yard. The police officers were intrigued by the dog’s activity, so they decided to join him as he dug the hole in the dirt.


The agents decided to go deeper into the search and assisted the puppy in continuing the excavation, which resulted in them finding exactly what they were seeking for. Several parcels containing narcotic pills were discovered by authorities in various parts of the region, indicating that criminals were using them for drug trafficking.

In addition to the narcotics, authorities discovered many guns and a considerable quantity of money.

Three persons were caught in the operation for drug trafficking and illegal guns possession, and they were handed over to the authorities. The small puppy was left homeless after the trafficker was apprehended, but the agents who worked on the operation took him in.