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The Last Dog Left At The Shelter Finally Smiles As He Goes Home

No one knows that better than Capone, a 7-year-old dog who patiently waited for a permanent family at the Ionia County Animal Shelter in Michigan, until his wish came true.

The senior canine watched as his shelter pals went with their new families one by one. Until he was the sole survivor.

Carly Quinn, the shelter’s director, told The Dodo:

“Capone was the only dog we had at the shelter for a long time. Except for the gentle, calm, and friendly Capone’s, all the kennels were empty.”

Ionia County Animal Shelter

Capone was adopted immediately after being brought to the shelter in 2017, but he became homeless again a year later following a battle with another dog who was visiting his house.

When Capone was returned to the shelter, he became unhappy and stopped eating.

Ionia County Animal Shelter

Carly stated:

“He lost a lot of weight since he didn’t have the same hunger he did at home. She was having difficulty eating. We had to entice him with snacks and a variety of wet meals on a daily basis.”

Carly believes Capone’s hunger strike was a precursor to something more severe.

She stated:

“I was crushed, and anybody who has experienced true heartbreak understands how the proper diet takes a second seat.”

But Capone was struggling with more than just a shattered heart; he was frightened of being rejected again.

Ionia County Animal Shelter

“The Capone we met in 2017 and the Capone we met in 2018 were two completely different dogs.” He seems to have picked and chosen his pals after being rejected the second time, as if he truly felt betrayed. He grew quite close to us, the shelter staff».

Ionia County Animal Shelter

Carly continued:

“He’s a ‘Velcro dog,'” she says. A dog who is continually touching you and likes to be by your side.

Finding the perfect family for the older dog became difficult since shelter employees now believed Capone would be best suited in a home with no other dogs. They kept posting photos of him on social media to let everyone in the region know he was available and eager to meet his forever family.

Ionia County Animal Shelter