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Veterinarian Draws Spots On A Dalmatian Whose Legs Are Bandaged

Having to visit a doctor or a clinic is not something that most people enjoy. With the significant exception of a select few individuals. Most individuals would rather take care of their health than be subjected to invasive tests or controls performed by doctors. If going to the doctor isn’t the greatest option for us, it’s even worse for our dogs, who aren’t capable of reasoning things like we are.

This is why no puppy like going to the veterinarian, but a qualified veterinarian can make the experience much more enjoyable for the cute animal. Micael Fernández, a veterinarian, proved this after assisting an attractive Dalmatian dog. The puppy needed both an Elizabethan collar and a cast on his injured limb due to a fracture in one of his front legs. The Dalmatian was despondent, as is often the case with dogs when they have to go through something like this.

Micael’s touch with animals was demonstrated at that point. She started painting on the puppy’s cast with nothing more than a pencil and ink. Almost all of us have had the experience of having a cast and having our pals write on it or draw on it. However, few of us have ever had a puppy in such a position. Especially if it was the same veterinarian who performed it. And what he drew were small patches that attempted to mimic the rest of the gorgeous Dalmatian dog’s body. As if that wasn’t enough, the vet comes to a halt to give the dog a gentle kiss. 

When we leave our dogs with veterinarians, the treatment they provide might be as as vital as or more important than their skill in healing illnesses or repairing injuries. If our physician is not nice with our pet, even the most competent veterinarian might quickly lose our confidence. A move akin to scribbling on a Dalmatian’s cast. The fact is that he goes above and beyond what we’ve seen from a pet veterinarian in terms of attention to his profession.

Below you can see the video where the veterinarian Micael can be seen drawing the spots on the adorable Dalmatian: