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A Stray Dog Attempted To Steal This Fluffy Unicorn From A Store Five Times

Life on the streets is difficult, but a stray dog named Sisu realized that having the company of a fluffy purple unicorn would make life a bit easier.

Sisu yearned for the plush toy beyond all else, even if he had to take it.


Sisu attempted to steal the unicorn toy from a Dollar General in North Carolina five times last week. But every time he reached for it, a staff would see him and remove the item from the shelf. When it became clear that Sisu was not going to give up, the Dollar General employee sought assistance from Duplin County Animal Services.


“We got a report from our communications center that [Sisu] was at a Dollar General coming in and taking a unicorn for the fifth time,” Duplin County Animal Services supervisor Joe Newburn told The Dodo. “At the end of the day, they had no choice but to shut the door and refuse to let him in.” When my officer arrived and discovered how badly he desired the unicorn, she bought it.”

Purchasing the toy felt like the appropriate thing to do for animal control officer Samantha Lane. Newburn explained, “She was just purchasing the unicorn because that’s what she does.” “She does it for every animal she comes into contact with.”


Nobody knows why Sisu is so infatuated with unicorns, but they believe it has something to do with his previous home. And now that he’s got the toy of his dreams, the 1-year-old puppy isn’t going to give it up.

Newburn replied, “He’s always with that stuff.” “When it becomes dirty, that’s the only time he doesn’t meddle with it.” But after you clean it up and wash it, it’s back to being his pal.”