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Man Crawls Into Small Cave To Rescue 9 Puppies

Eldad Hagar, the founder of Hope For Paws, a Los Angeles organization devoted to saving abandoned animals, spends the majority of his time looking for and saving homeless dogs. Many of these dogs are difficult to save, but Eldad Hagar always manages to make it happen, even when a rescue seems nearly impossible. This time, he went inside a little cave to save nine puppies that were trapped within.

This animal rescue movie is dedicated to Lisa M. Ashe, a great friend and fellow rescuer who loved animals and always tried her best to place them in loving homes. After Lisa’s burial, Hope For Paws received a call regarding a litter of puppies in need of assistance.

Two neighboring working ladies have been providing food for those difficult-to-rescue dogs for two years, keeping Eldad informed about their welfare while he develops various strategies to attempt to save them.

Puppies from one of the dogs had been born, and they were now hiding in a little cave.

The cubs were brought into a cave after being born to a wild mother who had successfully evaded all rescue efforts for the previous five years. It was nearly hard for anyone to approach these adult canines since they had been fending for themselves on their own for so long that they were extremely averse to humans.

Eldad practically excavated his way into the little cave to release the cubs because he wouldn’t give up on freeing them.

Eldad stated to The Dodo:

They flee across the train lines and vanish if you make any kind of approach.

It was hard to tell exactly how many puppies there were since they kept coming in and out of the cave. After spending six hours with them and observing their movements, the females came to the conclusion that there were eight cubs.

If they managed to save their mother and aunts as well, that would make the rescue more successful.

Eldad went to the cave with his crew to attempt to save the 6-week-old cubs.

The rescue teams entered the cave and attempted to lure the cubs out of hiding by offering them chunks of cheese.