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In His Kennel, A German Shepherd Was Abandoned On The Side Of The Road

Richard Jordan was driving down a roadway in Louisiana, United States, when he came upon a guacal (kennel), which piqued his interest and caused him to abandon his quest. Going downstairs, he discovered a lonely German shepherd on the side of the road; he had no idea how this gorgeous dog had ended up there, but he was certain that the canine required assistance.

Richard first posted about the dog on the SWLA Information Station, a local Facebook page, in the hopes of spreading the word about the case and obtaining information.


Richard attempted to clarify in his article that it was unclear whether he had been abandoned on the rails or whether the kennel had fallen from a truck by mistake.


The dog was first apprehensive and refused to come out of its cage, so Richard waited for social services while attempting to earn the trust of the terrified animal.

Richard characterized the German Shepherd as a “wonderful, top-notch dog” that did not appear to be an animal that people would dump. When he got close enough, he noticed that the dog was wearing a customized necklace with the name “Borel” on it.


Finally, social workers arrived and discovered Borel had a microchip, which led them to the conclusion that the dog had come from a breeder in Dallas, Texas.

Borel already has a large list of individuals who want to adopt him, according to Richard. Although it’s unknown how Borel wound up by the side of the road in his kennel, Jordan believes he was a victim of so-called “fad” breeding.


Borel was born in the month of October, almost exactly when Conan, a dog trained to fight terrorism, became renowned. Many individuals were inspired to get German Shepherds as a result of this, according to Richard, which increased desertion when they were overwhelmed.

Richard expressed himself as follows:

“These dogs are considered to be too much for the normal person, and today’s scared dog in the woods…has succumbed to this.” This is the effect of purchasing trendy breeds.”