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Homeless Man Celebrates Birthday With His Two Puppies

Dogs are the most loyal animals on the planet, and they haven’t gotten there by accident.

Although we may encounter challenging conditions from time to time, it is generally known that individuals who live on the streets frequently have puppies. This is because they do not judge you and simply want to love you.

Angel Guerrero

Although it is unclear if it was one of the pups’ or the man’s birthday, this image grabbed everyone on social media. In the video, the puppies are shown wearing birthday hats and a cake on the stairs.

When you see their name, you think about cutting slices of cake for them and bringing it to them, not kissing them first.

The Tiktok user @ angelgguerrero1 filmed the video without the man’s knowledge and named it “love moves everything,” which has now received over 4 million views and 600,000 likes.

Angel Guerrero

The comments did not wait:

“There are people who seem to have nothing and have more than us,” said one.

“I think I celebrate his birthday and the only thing he has by his side is them who never leave him,” commented another.

“Noooo, he was crying at the end :(“, commented one last.

Below the video:


el amor lo mueve todo

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