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Meet These 4 Adorable Parrots That Cuddle And Take Care Of Each Other Every Time

Meet these lovely pastel parrots named Winter, Spring, River and Rain. They are so beautiful and cute.

Their owners are so in love with them and their beauty.

Parrots love cuddling and taking care of each other. They bring joy to their owners.

Their owner named Freya has written to Bored Panda about these amazing parrots.

“I love to tell a story and convey emotion through my beautiful photos and editing. With their mischievous antics and love for cuddling, the birds provide me with plenty to capture! Viewing them through a macro lens reveals so many details that might have otherwise gone unseen… The tiny eyelashes, their little tongues, the perfection of their pastel-colored feathers”, she wrote to Bored Panda.

Also their owner has posted adorable pictures of them. So lovely! Right?