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A Dog That Never Left The Cemetery To Accompany His Owner After He Passed Away Has Touched The Hearts Of All People

Bobby is a dog who elected to stay three years ago in the municipal cemetery of Roca, in the province of Rio Negro, Argentina. The loss of his loving owner seemed to have had a significant impact on him, but the dog demonstrates that even death cannot separate him from him.

Since then, he has spent every day with Daniel Cisterna, the gravedigger, and has become his greatest friend, comrade, and protector.

Daniel explained to Rio Negro:

“Its owner died three years ago, and it has never left the graveyard since.” He stayed since he is buried here with his love ».


Bobby has his own small graveyard home. He opted to stay with the employees since he had arrived at the hearse of the most significant person in his life. Days passed, and his family went looking for him, but Bobby refused to change his decision and remained at his best friend’s grave.


Daniel had this to say:

«The puppy was still standing at his owner’s grave, refusing to go. He was placed aboard a truck, but he managed to escape and return to his master’s grave. He doesn’t want to leave his mistress; he wants to stay with her».

Despite their best efforts, his family opted to keep the dog since it was what he most desired.


Although there are more dogs at the cemetery, the gravedigger believes Bobby’s devotion, fidelity, and unconditional love have left an indelible impression on him.

Daniel continued, ”

“I was struck by his devotion to his master and his faithfulness; it was something I had never witnessed before.”

Both have formed a wonderful connection, and since Daniel’s arrival in the cemetery, Bobby has accompanied him to do all of his duties.


Bobby is constantly at his side, like any buddy would be, whether the guy needs to bury, tour the cemetery, or mend some graves. He comes to the door to meet Daniel whenever he hears his motorbike, and when he departs, he walks him out and back to his house.

But the most shocking thing about Bobby is that he has constructed a character that touches people when it comes to funerals.


When Daniel performs a funeral, the dog lies down by the grieving family and remains still throughout the ceremony.

Daniel stated, ”

“It appears like he is aware of your suffering.”

People are affected by the dog’s gesture and inquire about him, pat him, and he eventually becomes a type of emotional therapist. Daniel ends up telling the folks about the puppy’s emotional background, and they are astounded by the puppy’s devotion to its owner.

They occasionally inquire as to how the dog survives in the graveyard, but Bobby is fortunate in that he has a godmother who looks after all of his requirements. Adriana Carrasco is in charge of giving food to Bobby and the other puppies in the area on a weekly basis.

Adriana is an animal enthusiast, and she and her brothers spend some of their time feeding and caring for stray dogs.


Adriana has been visiting the cemetery on a regular basis since her mother died, and has therefore met the dogs who dwell there. The woman keeps in touch with the gravedigger Daniel, inquiring about the dogs and contacting him if they require assistance.


Many people wonder why Bobby hasn’t found an adoptive family, but the truth is that the cemetery is his home.

Adriana had this to say:

«The dog decided to live in the cemetery, and here is his home; they have enough of affection, food, and medical attention. “Everything is OK here.”