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Man Heard A Kitten Crying From A Pile Of Wood And Immediately Helped, He Is A Hero

When Cliff heard a faint sound of a kitten crying from a pile of wood in a dumpster he knew he needed to act fast… Then he realized more lives were at danger, as there were more kittens cruely burried under the piles of wood. The man rolled up his sleeves and started a 7 hour digging rescue operation – although one of the kittens didn’t make it, the others were given a second chance at life…

“They got dumped in the dumpster, then there was wood dumped on top,” Cliff told Love Meow. Cliff even filmed how he saves a grey furry kitten, puts him on his lap and gives him some much needed TLC…

A Springfield, Missouri based rescue organization Watching Over Whiskers took in the kittens, fed their bellies, and made sure they got everything they needed to grow healthy and strong. A rescued cat named Roxy even became their ‘mother’, taking extra good care of the smallest two of the kitties.

Now all the kittens are happy at their new-found foster homes and are ready for the adventures!

”We are grateful Cliff took all that time to save these little lives. He’s a hero!” shelter staff told Bored Panda.