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Dog Gets Boot Stuck On Face And Pretends Absolutely Nothing Is Wrong

Tater Tot has always been the happiest dog in the planet since joining his family. He must always be touching one of his family members, enjoys meeting new people, and enjoys playing with everything he can get his hands on.

Tater Tot’s mother, Danni Scott, told The Dodo, “He has a fascination with anything that can put in his mouth.” “He requires something in his mouth like a comfort blanket when he becomes pleased or thrilled.” Tater is the most likely suspect when we can’t find our second shoe. Fortunately, he doesn’t gnaw or ruin anything.”


Tater Tot is a shoe aficionado, so when he came inside after playing lately and saw how delighted his mother was to see him, he ran to locate a shoe to wear. The first thing he saw was a boot, which he swiftly grabbed — and then managed to get stuck over his entire face!

Not wanting to ruin the moment, Tater Tot rushed up to his mother, acting as if nothing was wrong or unusual, and his mother couldn’t stop laughing.

Scott said, “He cracked me up.” “He’s such a knucklehead!” I dashed to my phone to record a video.”