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Woman Threw Her Dog Into A Garbage Can Where She Was For Almost 6 Days

Through a miraculous series of circumstances, this fortunate puppy was saved from a terrible end. The lady who was meant to be her human mother threw her away when she moved out, leaving behind a noble being that only knows how to offer love without expecting anything in return. She spent six days there. But there’s a happy ending to her tale.

When Nathan Binnis, a sanitation worker in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, lifted a dumpster’s lid while he was at work in 2014, he phoned the Humane Society of Westmoreland County right away because he noticed something alarming.

“The trash service phoned us. One of the bags started moving while they were tossing out the trash.

In the trash, Nathan had discovered a malnourished puppy. She was cared for by the Humane Society, who gave her the name Fawna. She was so underweight, according to the Daily Mail, that you could see her ribs.

Jen stated:

“She goes home with a vet tech and will be in good hands; things will look good for her.”

Fawna should have weighed roughly 50 pounds when the Humane Society took her in, but she only weighed about 17 pounds. Fawna was in the latter stages of malnutrition when she was thought to have been in the trash bin for around six days.

Prior to Fawna being recovered, Nicole Baker, the dog’s owner who was located thanks to its microchip, apparently relocated to Texas. The woman was detained by police and accused of animal abuse. She was found guilty in 2015 and had to pay a fine as well as have a mental health evaluation.