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Obsessed Dog Discovers Giant ‘Stick’ And Is Desperate To Bring It Home

Gaia has always been exceedingly lovely and loving, ever before she was a puppy. She may be a little possessive at times, but only when it comes to sticks.

Gaia has always had a thing for sticks. Every time she walks outdoors, her life aim is to find the ideal stick, and her father is pleased to assist her in this endeavor.


“She is specific about the size of the sticks she like… Gaia’s father, Taylor Kononchuk, told The Dodo, “I can generally pick one I know she’ll enjoy and she’ll proudly wear it for the whole of our stroll.” “If I don’t throw her stick, she’ll shout  at me, but when I do, she prances around me in circles like she’s playing keep-away.”

Gaia is concerned about size when it comes to little sticks, but when it comes to large sticks, her credo is unmistakably “the bigger, the better.”

Kononchuk remarked, “She’s always been a stick/ball hound.” “Any piece of wood I touch, no matter how big, she gets determined to pick up.”


Gaia and her father were out on a stroll when she abruptly came to a halt. They’d come upon the largest stick she’d ever seen, and she was eager to pick it up and take it home with her.

The stick, of course, was a downed telephone pole.

As Kononchuk saw Gaia try and fail to take up the pole, he couldn’t help but chuckle. All she wanted to do was proudly carry it about like all the other sticks she’d seen, but it was just too enormous — and not really a stick at all, as Gaia’s father didn’t have the heart to tell her.