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Dog With A Sad Past Is So Happy He Got A Second Chance

Corks is an exceptionally joyful and loving dog with an unquenchable desire to live life to the fullest.

However, if you saw him now, you’d never imagine his tragic history.


Corks was discovered as an abandoned and injured stray late last year. He may have been dragged behind a car, suffering significant limb injuries, according to the vets. Corks was bandaged and placed in a shelter, but the trauma he had through left deeper wounds.

Corks’ days at the shelter were numbered, since he was wary of people and declared unadoptable – until Dogs Without Borders stepped in to save him.

Corks’ rescuers reported, “[He] was about to be put down at the shelter.” “He had lost all faith in people.”

At the very least, Corks was secure now.


Corks’ body began to mend over time. His emotions, on the other hand, took a long time to catch up.

More time and affection would be required for the mistreated puppy to achieve this.

That’s precisely what he received.


After saving Corks from euthanasia a few months before, Dogs Without Borders set out to locate him a foster home to help him get back on track.

Brooke Wilson agreed to take him in after hearing his story, quickly recognizing that Corks wasn’t used to generosity.

“He snarled at myself, my roommates, and most others he encountered in the first week,” Wilson told The Dodo. “He took a long time to trust.”


Corks’ fortunes began to shift gradually but steadily.

The forlorn puppy began to open up to her under Wilson’s continual care and attention. Wilson progressively acclimatized Corks to cuddling, as well as introducing him to different people and pets.


“He’s come to trust people more and more as time has gone on,” Wilson added. “After first refusing to allow anybody touch him, he now enjoys spooning and welcomes me with kisses all over his face.”


Wilson had just intended to foster Corks at first, but the thought of parting with him quickly became unthinkable. And the sentiment was reciprocated.

She made the decision to keep Corks with her for the rest of his life.

Wilson stated, “It was plain to me that all I wanted to do was make him happy for the rest of his life.”


Corks, who had been thought to be broken, had been resurrected.

And his delight and satisfaction are clearly visible.


Wilson described him as a “complete goofy” and a “sweetheart.” “Every day, he impresses me.”


Corks is home, and his sad past is a distant memory.