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This Dog Showed Great Fidelity And Love Before The Coffin Of His Human Who Passed Away In The Earthquake In Italy

This Coker Spaniel is solid evidence that animals often have greater emotional depth than certain humans. The dog refused to leave the casket throughout the burial, showing his unwavering loyalty and devotion for his owner, who passed away following the earthquake in Italy.

An enormous earthquake that struck Italy early on August 24 of this year resulted in a large number of fatalities and injuries. This tragic sight has stirred up a lot of discussion on social media and has moved a lot of people.

It is believed that Andrea Cossu, his human, resided in Accumoli, one of the earthquake’s worst-affected towns, and was 45 years old. According to their family, Andrea Cossu and this priceless puppy were best friends and inseparable. They also shared a lot of affection.

Before the funeral, Cossu was at a sports hall, and it was there that the touching moment in which the dog chooses to lie down on the side of the coffin was caught.

Rescue teams are still looking for more bodies in the city’s rubble after the earthquake, which had a Richter scale intensity of 6.2.