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Thanks To This Woman, A Three-Legged Kitty Shows Everyone What He Can Doing

A 3-week-old cat and his siblings were discovered abandoned on the streets. A kind person accepted them and made an attempt to look after them, but when he realized he couldn’t give the specialist care they need, he turned to Saving One Life for assistance.

The kitten had three legs and had some difficulty walking owing to a bent left hind limb; despite this, he was a cheerful cat who tried to keep up with his siblings in everything.

Caroline Grace, a rescue center worker, told Love Meow:

“I saw that JD (the tabby) was missing a front leg and had a twisted rear leg after the kittens’ admission tests.”

The three-legged kitten demonstrates his skills to everybody.


Caroline wanted to give JD the chance to move and play like any other kitten, but the vet said there was nothing they could do about her twisted paws.

According to the volunteer:

“I’d heard of twisted limbs straightening, so I knew there was at least something we could attempt. I asked anybody with expertise with twisted limbs to educate me on the therapy they utilized through the Saving One Life parenting network.


Another volunteer, Evette, informed Caroline about her experience dealing with a kitten with crooked legs, as well as the physiotherapy massage method for improving feline motor skills.

Caroline began rubbing JD’s back paw every three hours right away. The twisted leg got more mobile after a few days.

She went on to say:

«He showed me progress photographs of the cat. “I felt positive and capable of helping JD.”


Caroline enlisted the aid of another person, Jennifer, a physical therapist, who taught her several splint techniques and pushed JD to use his leg with the help of slings and other therapeutic approaches in order to improve JD’s range of motion.


Caroline recalls:

“To give her extra traction, I left yoga mats in her room. He was able to walk normally on his rear leg within a week. To be honest, it was one of the most difficult but gratifying experiences I’ve ever had.


JD was now more motivated to walk and tried to imitate his brothers in every way; he even tried to outsmart them and be more naughty. He wanted to play, run, and leap as soon as his three small legs touched the earth.

JD met Andrea when he was five weeks old, and she fell passionately in love with him; she also had a cat who was missing its front paw. It was the ideal setting for the sweet tabby.


The three-legged kitten was adopted by his adoptive mother when he was two months old. He immediately acclimated to his new surroundings and was eager to play and explore his new surroundings.

JD finally met his new feline sisters, and he and Thelma, the three-legged cat, hit it up straight immediately, as if they’d always been a part of the family.

Andrea stated, ”

«First, they were reunited on their missing left front legs. It was so wonderful to watch her take it under her wing and begin preparing it as soon as they met.


For her part, Louise, the other cat in the home, took some time to get up to JD, but now it’s common to see them cuddling. JD is your average younger brother that gets into mischief and annoys his parents. He also wants to cuddle with his mother and follow her around the home.

Caroline is confident:

“JD is now the happiest man in the planet, and his formerly twisted hind limb no longer bothers him. He is a lively and energetic cat that enjoys running, jumping, climbing, and playing.

You can learn more about Caroline’s efforts with the cats she saves by following her on Instagram.