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Man Has Rescued More Than 5,000 Animals By Working Tirelessly For 12 Years

Manoj Gogoi, an animal rescuer who lives in the town of Bochagaon in Kaziranga, Assam, India, has recently saved hundreds of animals. In India, if a snake suddenly appeared in a corral a while back, people would have killed the critter, but today they would resort to Gogoi.

According to TBI, Dr. Naveen Pandey, Deputy Director of the Corbett Foundation, from the office in Kaziranga, recalled that a boy came to them with a turtle in his hands and said that while his family wanted to keep it as a pet, he preferred that it remain free in nature and as a result needed to be placed in its natural habitat.

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Gogoi has won several awards for his outstanding work. In 2014, the Corbett Foundation presented him with the “Wildlife Warrior” award, and last year, he was the subject of the acclaimed Assamese director Dhritiman Kakati’s documentary titled “The Man Who Speaks Nature.”

Said Gogoi:

“I was born in Assam’s Kaziranga region. I was raised in a natural environment rich with animals like rhinos, leopards, stunning birds, and even deadly Himalayan snakes. Since I was a youngster, this place has seemed comfortable to me. I naturally grew to have a real love for nature.

Gogoi has always been really clear about what he wants to do in life and has gone above and beyond to make it happen.

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East Mojo was informed by Gogoi:

If someone told him that I may be jailed for catching wild animals, he might become quite agitated for me.

Gogoi decided to start his own group in 2007 called Naturalists for Rehabilitation of Snakes and Birds (NRSB), which currently has 100 volunteers, because people have constantly tried to find him and have even contacted him at 2 a.m.

This man also served as a driver for the Assam State Department of Tourism, but in 2013 he was able to secure employment as a tour guide at a luxury resort thanks to a course he took in Mumbai.

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As word of his group spread, he began to get calls demanding money from various sources. Even if it’s a deadly reptile, Gogoi uses her rescue missions as an opportunity to spread awareness of the value of protecting different species.

In 2013, the aforementioned Corbett Foundation suggested opening an office in Kaziranga after learning about Gogoi’s activities. Gogoi was happy to take advantage of this opportunity since he would not only assist cover his family’s expenditures but also broaden the scope of the rescue efforts.

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Gogoi has saved over 5,000 animals to date and has never turned down a rescue request, no matter how remote. Since 2007, all of his rescues have been documented. Without taking those from 2005 and 2006 into consideration.

“I’ve learnt most things via experience, and every animal is unique in its own way. I have so far helped rhino, leopard, deer, warthog, jungle cat, and other tourist-favorite animal calf rescues. A 14-foot-long Cobra that was a serious danger to my life was also saved by me.

Three newborn kingfishers that had not yet opened their eyes were the most important rescue for this man thus far.

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