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Kitten Is Relieved To Have Found Assistance For Her Kittens And Not Have To Return To The Streets

Animals who sadly live on the streets have several challenges, yet they always manage to survive. Kayla, a Salem Friends of Felines foster volunteer, was notified a few days ago about a homeless cat who had given birth to a litter of kittens.

The lovely feline gave birth to four adorable kittens, and because to her commitment as a mother, the kittens were healthy and strong enough to survive on the streets.

Kayla wanted to assist the cat, so she went to the location where she had been spotted in order to rescue her and bring her home.

Kitten is happy to be rescued

Everyone was delighted by Priscilla’s charming demeanor, and you could see by the look on her face that she was overjoyed to be saved.

Priscilla protruded her tongue to decorate her face and demonstrate her delight at having a comfortable room for her demanding infants. When she arrived at her foster home, the first thing she did was climb out of the carrier and settle down next her children to feed them.

She is a highly committed mother who constantly makes sure that her infants have all they need. She also wants to be by her side taking care of them.

Kayla stated to Love Meow:

“We discovered them on the street; I’m not sure if their babies were born outside or not, but I do know this is not their first litter.”

When Sweet Priscilla’s kittens arrived at their new home, they were around three days old but in good condition. Because the feline mother had some gastrointestinal issues, she received the medical treatment she required to overcome these obstacles and be totally healthy.

She gradually grew to trust those who cared for her and even began to seek attention in order to obtain a little affection. It is unknown how long she survived on the streets, but Priscilla is extremely appreciative and pleased with the care she is receiving.

When the cat realized Kayla was there to rescue her, she began to abandon her babies to replace her. She would leave her infants in Kayla’s care whenever she needed to gather herself or stretch her limbs, knowing they would be OK.

Perhaps, for the first time in a long time, the kitten was able to rest and appreciate her surroundings, and she also received the caresses she craves. Sometimes the inquisitive cat goes roaming about the home, and she even noticed her own reflection and attempted to greet it.

He stumbled found several toys during one of his investigations and has pondered playing with them, but he does not yet know how to utilize them.

After spending so much time on the streets, Priscilla feels at ease with her new life and the affection she receives from her family.

When Kayla enters the room, the loving kitty rushes to greet her foster mother and receive attention.

Kayla made the following observation:

“She takes a break from her infants to brush and caress them.”

The most intriguing aspect of Priscilla is that she has a wide range of expressions on her face and never fails to make her caretakers giggle with her demeanor.

Your kids, on the other hand, have a long way to go before they are ready to be adopted and placed in a good home.

The most important thing is that Priscilla and her adorable children will never have to return to the streets in search of shelter and food.

For the time being, Priscilla will continue to be an excellent mother to her kittens; she does an excellent job with them and always ensures that they are clean.

The cat with the inquisitive smile enjoys her VIP life and always purrs cheerfully surrounded by her kittens to demonstrate how content she is.