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Dog Left Alone At Shelter After Everyone Else Has Been Adopted

The Wayside Waifs Animal Shelter in Kansas City, Missouri, sponsored a 19-hour adoption event. 203 animals, including dogs, cats, and even a guinea pig, found a permanent home as a result of the large turnout of supporters for the shelter. The dogs in the shelter had all been adopted except for one.

Kenny was still waiting alone in his kennel while all the other shelter canines were already contentedly cuddled up in their new homes.

Due to congestion, Kenny was sent to the shelter from the SPCA of Louisiana. His new shelter buddies didn’t know much about his background, which was fitting because loving puppy Kenny simply thinks about the here and now.

Wayside Waifs

This small puppy has never met a human he didn’t fall in love with right away and he likes to run and play as much as he can.

Wayside Waifs

Nobody knows how a dog with such a nice disposition and a wonderful personality could have been neglected.

The Wayside Waifs’ manager of communications and contributions, Casey Waugh, said to The Dodo:

“Kenny is a playful, kind, and content dog. He is clearly a dog for humans! He went on a field trip yesterday thanks to a volunteer. “A dream,” was how the volunteer described it. After going for ice cream and visiting a neighboring lake where Kenny enjoyed swimming, they stopped at a nearby pet store where he made friends with all of the staff.

Wayside Waifs

Kenny loves life to the fullest; for him, every moment is like a magnificent adventure. His one and only goal in life has been to find a permanent family to share his joy and love with.

Wayside Waifs