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Dog Did Not Stop Crying And Howling After Someone Abandoned Him In A Park In Argentina

According to a Facebook post that went viral, a puppy around a year and a half old was left in a park in Tucumán, Argentina. Witnesses to the incident and the individual who captured the video said that a lady came out to play with him for a little while before getting into her car and driving away. The poor dog wouldn’t stop sobbing and continued staring in the direction the automobile was traveling while wailing in anguish.

The man known as “The Black” continued to wail. Some nearby cops were affected by the man’s terrible cries, and they were able to save him before anything bad happened or he got too far away to be located.

After feeding and pampering him, they placed him in a foster home where they hoped to find him a permanent family.

They reported in a Facebook post that:

“This black man had a family that today turned their back on him, as is evidenced by his status and education.”

After deworming Negro, the veterinarian declared him healthy.

A caring family has taken in the abandoned puppy that was the subject of a viral tale and is now content.

Regarding the “Black” report, they wrote on Facebook:

«Negrito’s arrival in the arms of a wonderful family today was made possible by many people who did not look the other way and who value animals and life in general. He does not rest in peace like the callous person who left him.