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Cat Adopts a Stray Kitten From the Neighborhood and Brings Him Into His Home

Klarieke (@la riek) and her family reside in an ancient farm home in the Netherlands. Jack, Louis, and Stavros, their three adult cats, were adopted from Greece a year ago.

“Stavros was a homeless man who was terribly sick. A Dutch girl who visits Zakynthos every summer saved him. We chose to adopt him since she was seeking for a home (for the cat) in Holland “Love Meow was informed by Klarieke.

“This is the final cat, three is plenty,” my husband and I stated to each other.

CREDIT: Klarieke @la_riek

Fast forward to last month, when a little cat began to appear in their yard. He was quiet and frail. Klarieke had never seen the kitten before and had no idea who owned him.

Klarieke was startled to discover her cat, Stavros, hanging out with the small kitten like two close friends when he came the next time. The tabby was taken under the wing of the orange and white cat, who kept an eye on him while he played in their yard.

CREDIT: Klarieke @la_riek

Stavros would keep an eye on the cat as he crept into their yard, between the tomato plants in the garden, and ultimately inside their shed (which is linked to their house).
It didn’t take the family long to discover how close the two feline pals had become.

When they napped, they played together and cuddled up to one another in the shed. The kitten was shy around people, but he cherished his feline buddy.

CREDIT: Klarieke @la_riek

Klarieke told Love Meow, “One day, I was feeding our three cats in the kitchen, and Stavros was just standing at the dinner table instead of eating.”

When she looked over at his plate, she was pleasantly delighted to see that the stray kitty had joined them for supper and was eating off Stavros’ plate.
The ginger cat didn’t seem to bother and let the kitten eat to his heart’s content, as if he knew what it was like to be hungry after months of life on the streets.

CREDIT: Klarieke @la_riek

“In the shed, I gave the cat his own bowl of food, but he bolted when he spotted me. He was apparently so hungry that he took a chance and came in to eat.”

Klarieke began making an additional plate of food for the plus one on that day, hoping to win him over.
The kitten began to warm up to his food source as he arrived for his meals.

CREDIT: Klarieke @la_riek

No one came to claim the cat, and he appeared to have made himself at home in their house. Charlie was the name they chose for him.
“Stavros began to treat him like a child, and the cat began to spend more time in the shed with him during the day.”

Charlie was still hesitant around people, but he admired Stavros and wanted to imitate everything he did. The tiny fellow began to consider moving inside the house.

CREDIT: Klarieke @la_riek

Charlie stepped paw into his new home a few weeks after he arrived, with Stavros by his side, cheering him on.
As they toured the home together, he followed his closest buddy everywhere he went.

“We can now officially announce that Charlie has moved in with us and that we now have a total of four cats.
When it’s time for supper, he walks into the kitchen and lets us stroke and cuddle him.”

CREDIT: Klarieke @la_riek

On his first day home, Charlie had no idea how to use the litter box, but he quickly adjusted to all of the new items in the house.

Klarieke said, “I believe Stavros taught him how to do it.”

CREDIT: Klarieke @la_riek

Charlie received the medical attention he required and was given a clean bill of health after a trip to the veterinarian.
He still prefers to spend the most of his days upstairs with Stavros, but he is gradually breaking out of his shell.

The adorable kitty is having a ball with his permanent family and will never have to worry about food or shelter again.

CREDIT: Klarieke @la_riek