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Cops Treat A Bird Who Built A Nest On Their Car With The Utmost Respect

Although she may appear to be an average mourning dove, this soon-to-be mother has some extremely kind friends.

Officers from the Parma Police Department in Ohio recently discovered that one of their backup patrol cars had been taken over by the tiny bird, who had apparently thought it was the ideal location for her nest. Instead of evicting the feathery intruder from her comfortable nook, they did the exact opposite.

The cops even taped an umbrella to the windshield to keep the dove’s nest dry in the rain and shade in the heat because the place she selected to lay her eggs doesn’t offer much protection from the weather.

Then, just to make sure the dove wasn’t disturbed by anyone who didn’t realize the cruiser had been transformed into a bird nursery, they cordoned up the entire parking place with police tape. Their good actions, however, do not stop there.

The officers have even dug up worms for her to keep her fed while she is incubating her kids.

While all of this effort on behalf of a bird isn’t necessary for their employment in law enforcement, Parma Police spokesperson Kevin Riley told Fox 8 that it’s part of a greater calling:

“Our police, like everyone else, are human beings. We value all life, human and animal, therefore the cops transported this bird, which they dubbed Gerty, in a container so that she could care for her young in the cruiser.”

Now THAT is some good police work!