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Young Gorillas Dismantle Poachers’ Traps After Losing Their Friend

Unfortunately, there are those who intentionally hurt animals and the environment, such as hunters with questionable morals who brutally assault helpless creatures. Animal and environmental lovers do everything they can to defend and preserve them.

The Karisoke Research Center of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund reported a remarkable incident in 2012.

A ranger saw something they had never seen before: two juvenile gorillas investigating and separating the traps that the poachers had put.

At the time, Gorilla Dian Fosey’s coordinator for the gorilla program, Veronica Vecellio, reported:

We are the largest database and monitor of wild gorillas, so I would be extremely astonished if anyone else had witnessed kids trashing traps. “This is certainly the first time we’ve seen juveniles doing that,” I said.

It is thought that this was the cause of the juvenile mountain gorillas’ conduct since reports indicate that it occurred a few days after one of their own was murdered by one of those traps.

These traps are actually designed to catch antelope and other animals, but occasionally gorillas get caught in them as well.

Days prior to witnessing these baby gorillas escape these traps, Karisoke staff discovered another young gorilla named Ngwino. He was unfortunate to have his shoulder dislocated by the trap, and owing to rope cuts on his leg, gangrene set in. .

Rescuers claim that hunters frequently abandon imprisoned gorillas to perish without caring about them.

Simple rope loops that are pushed by branches or bamboo stems are used to construct these hunters’ traps. Vegetation conceals the rope, and if an animal makes a lever, it is promptly captured.