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Lost Dog Cries With Joy As She Reunites With Her Worried Mom

Kirstin Kapp cried for over three weeks after her pet puppy died. Liddie, as the dog is known, had wandered away from home, and her mother was upset at the prospect of spending her time away from home.

Surely Liddie was also distraught and terrified, not knowing how to go home. Fortunately for both of them, their sorrow would soon pass and they would meet again, and they would never be apart again.

Kristin shared the following on Facebook:

“I’m at a loss for what to do. I’m missing a piece of myself, and there’s nothing I can do about it. My precious girl, I adore you. Please return home.”

Facebook/Kirstin Kapp

According to The Dodo, it’s unclear how or where Liddie spent those days away from home, but she was eventually rescued by a couple who had apparently learned that her family was anxiously hunting for her. This is how they tracked down Kristin at her job, a veterinary clinic, so she could be reunited with her pet Liddie.

Kristin couldn’t stop weeping when they were reunited, and Liddie, who couldn’t believe she was finally back in her mother’s arms, started leaping up and embracing her eagerly.

Facebook/Kirstin Kapp

The reunion was quite emotional, and Liddie was happy to finally see her mother after such a long time away. People who watched the reunification of the puppy and her mother were likewise moved, and someone can be heard stating in the video:

“You’ve reclaimed your people!”

Facebook/Kirstin Kapp