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Cat Adores To Sit Like A Human And To Stick His Tongue Out

Meet this adorable cat named Winston. He loves to sit like a human and to stick his tongue out.

That’s what makes Winston unique.

Isn’t he so adorable? What do you think?

His owner has written to Bored Panda that when she and her partner saw Winston, they felt in love immediately with this adorable cat.

“My partner Nick got Winston for me as a birthday present. Little did we know he would be the gift that keeps on giving! It didn’t take long for Winston’s big personality to shine through. He became acclimated to us and our home almost as quickly as my phone started filling up with photos of him. He is hilarious. His signature pink tongue is always sticking out and he is constantly sitting in an almost human like position. He’s different than any other cat we’ve come across and we have people tell us every day that they “don’t like cats but they love Winston!”, Jessie Jones has written to Bored Panda.

Now Winston is so famous in Instagram. He has a lot of followers and is getting everyone’s attention.

So cute!