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After escaping from a fur farm, Zorro develops into a devoted companion.

Woody is a lovely and cuddly fox that was reared on a fur farm, and his fate was not good. In 2015, his adoptive father, Yaroslav, rescued him. These kind of farms are perfectly legal in Russia, but as soon as Yarolslav met Woody, he knew he couldn’t allow anything horrible happen to him.

The young guy called the farm’s proprietors, who agreed to give him the animal in exchange for payment of the amount they planned to get for its fur.

Woody was originally aloof and did not engage with people, according to Bored Panda; he was a little worried due to the changes in his surroundings, but after a week, Yaroslav was able to communicate with the timid fox and the two began to establish a bond.

Zorro is the most loyal friend after being rescued.